Big Day for Ailsa

P1010206Well, yesterday was Ailsa’s graduation. I have to say – I was really sad, cos it’s like seeing my wee sister all grown up now. And her school, Hockaday looked like one of the nicest and most fun schools you could ever be at.

The afternoon was spent first of all at a lunch at Ailsa’s friend Pam’s house – that was really cool because her Dad did loads of interesting things like keep bees to make honey and everything ! So we had freshly made honey which was delicious although the bits of wax in between made me feel sick – I spat them out when we got outside.

Then, it was a quick trip with Ailse to get the flowers for her hat, and then we went off to another mini party, at Ailsa’s friend Amanda’s house. Then it was off to the Graduation itself. First of all we got to take loads of photos of everyone – they all had to wear the same dress but that kind of added to the sense of ocassion. I have to say sometimes I think the Americans are a bit over the top with stuff, but this graduation ceremony was really nice.


That’s Ailse with one of her friends, Lindsay. So basically there was a whole load of speeches, including one from a girl in Ailsa’s year, and then they all sang a song of their choosing, Des’ree’s “You Gotta Be”, which was really nice. Just before that, they’d all got their graduation certificates.

Unfortunately Ailsa got a bit emotional, but I can’t really blame her for that. She then went off to go crazy at two seperate parties (and she’s at another three tonight !!!) while Jill and I and her boyfriend went off for a burger at Sonic ! Delish !

Anyway, it was a really nice night, and I was pretty proud of Ailsa – she got a massive cheer when she graduated, from all her classmates – I think the girls in the year below are going to miss her. Although in her yearbook, it did say that she would most be remembered for getting banned from the school library for laughing on too many occasions. She got quite a lot of presents as well – a very cool digital camera from ma and pa, a set of pearl earrings from Jill and of course the personalised Monopoly I got her which has all her school buildings on it. She loved that !

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