Lasagne and Lightning

Well yesterday went shopping – got myself an iPod (wahey ! Can’t wait to use that) and then just chilled for the rest of the day really. It was 97 degrees yesterday – very hot which gives you sweaty keks (if that’s how you spell that.)

Went to a brilliant Italian restuarant last night called Taverna Pizzeria and Risottoria, just round the corner from my sister Jill’s house – if you are ever in Dallas, definitely visit it cos it’s really nice. The two glasses of Zinfandel I had probably helped me look on it positively though !

Then after dropping Mum off back home, Ailse and I decided to head to Blockbuster to get a video out. On the way, the radio stations were interrupted by a tornado alert, saying that one had touched down in Arlington, about fifteen miles away. We just kept driving. Once we got to Blockbuster though, the power went out twice whilst we were in the store. I made the big brother decision of forgetting about the video (Kill Bill 1) and getting home. After running through rain like I’ve never seen to get to the car, we jumped in and drove the five minutes back to the house.

Rain was lashing down so fast we couldn’t see out the windscreen, the traffic lights were out, big branches were blowing along the road towards us and the sky was lighting up bright purple every two seconds – Ailse – who was driving – was the picture of calm though – apparently she has driven in flash floods before so this was nothing for her ! (She’s bonkers!)

This morning, all is calm again, but big trees have snapped in half and everything. It was quite cool to see a storm like that – never seen one before !

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