Back in Belfast

Well, back in Belfast now ! Arrived back on Sunday night and am totally knackered – I think I’m still on Dallas time as I’m not going to bed until 4am, which is 10pm there. Went to see a class film before I left – I’m Not Scared is an Italian film, and is well worth seeing. You can see the trailer for it here.

So, back to work then – I’m now working on a four part documentary series about summer festivals here in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately it’s not summer festivals like Glastonbury or anything – more like wee town festivals with floats and that. I’m looking after two programmes – featuring Portaferry and another which is TBC, but may be Dunloe – which should be nice as it’s in Ireland, and it’s a beauty concert (wahey !) I’m off to meet the Portaferry people tonight, and apparently they’re really nice, so that should be fun.

Been busy loading up my iPod which is brilliant – so easy to use and keep things organised, and the iTunes software is good too – it’s so much better than my last MP3 player. Also, apparently iTunes is launching here on Monday so I’ll be buying plenty of music off that as well ! Hopefully it’ll be cheaper and easier to use than Napster. I’ve tried browsing the US iTunes shop, and it looks very easy to use.

Nuthin else much going on this week – Majella is back in town, so I think I’ll be heading out on Saturday night – that’s after a day of screen tests which I’m doing for possible new presenters, which should be good fun as well.

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