Rob’s left the building!

Rob a trois

Well last week saw the number of people in the Bungalow office sadly depleted as everyone leaves 🙁 – to go to new jobs, contracts, or even as they leave the country as in Rob’s (above) case.

So to say cheerio (and to have one last Bungalow drinking session), we had a party (really Rob’s leaving do) at The Old Crown on New Oxford Street (great pub by the way). The usual drunken photos are here.

Rob’s off to Chicago with his wife Marie, and will be sadly missed! He was a constant source of inappropriate comments, and weird thoughts and ideas (most of which he said I knicked. But I didn’t.) He was a good mate for me as well. We did numerous road trips around the UK on a punishing schedule, as we auditioned Bungalowheads for the show, but we always had a laugh, even when we were arguing.

Good luck Rob and Marie in Chicago – you’ll be missed!

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