The dust has settled….

Me in da Bungalow

Well, that’s it! No more – the last ever Bungalow episode went out on Saturday. It was a bit weird to be honest – there were a lot more people around than there would normally be, which meant it was a lot busier than it would normally be. So it didn’t really feel like a normal show, which is probably a good thing.

We had loads of positive feedback- both internally and externally – on the last show, which is always great – nice to know our efforts are appreciated! Also some comments on the highlights show which went out last Sunday – what a nightmare it was putting that together – I thought it would never end, but the nice comments made it worth it.

After the end, it was off to the bar for a drink, then off home for a sleep before going to the wrap party. The party was great fun – and there was plenty of entertainment in the way of films etc which took a very humorous look back at the Bungalow’s history.

So, it’s a bit weird in the office now – everyone kind of packing things away, and people heading off to new programmes already. I’m looking forward to getting a good break – off to Belfast this weekend, and then off to the US the week after that to relax and recover!

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