Some things I’ve learnt this week


I’ve been continuing my recce all over Northern Ireland this week for the upcoming TV series I’m working on.

It has been really interesting to be honest. Here are some things I learnt this week that I didn’t know before….

  • butterflies only live a couple of months 🙁
  • nitrates give bacon its bright pink colour, and nitrates are actually a carcinogenic
  • hens are a type of chicken like dairy cows are a type of cattle (I’ve always wondered about that but felt too stupid to ask)

I learnt a whole lot of other interesting bits this week but can’t remember them at the moment.

Highlights of the week were a very chilled stay at a hotel in Enniskillen, visiting a great farm shop, and discovering a little ice cream company. I’m quite enjoying driving around finding out interesting stuff. I also went to a place that would be pretty cool to take a special lady to. I’m not saying where that is though.

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