Some weird pop star dolls in Lacock


On a trip to London probably about a month ago now, me and the famille ended up in Lacock. It is a really olde worlde looking village with loads of thatched cottages, and is used loads in filming historical television series and so on. Probably the funniest thing about the trip was when we had a cup of coffee and Mum started getting all jittery around a cat that was prowling about. She hates those cats! So obviously we had to pretend every two minutes it was about to jump on her shoulder. Ha ha!

Anyway, slightly drawing away from the historical look of the village, when we visited, they had this weird treasure hunt going on where you had to try and identify various very disturbing looking pop star models. They were creepy cos they had paper mache faces. Or peeling plastic faces. Anyway, here are two of them, can you guess who they are?

Dolly 1

That’s number one, here’s number two….

Dolly 2

That one’s a bit of a give-away!

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