South by Southwest – Day 2

Fimling with Foy

Day two atSouth by Southwest!And I have got a bit behind with this so have some catching up to do!

Wednesday was our first day filming – so we went off to a Belfast / Nashville Sister City party to hear and film some Northern Irish acts performing. The main attraction for a lot of people there seemed to beFoy Vance.He is a one man act but uses clever looping stuff while performing so he can do his own backing vocals and stuff. It’s kind of hard to describe.

Anyway, after filming his performance, we grabbed an interview with him – in the pic above.

That was our first day filming done really – as there was not a lot going on for us on Wednesday. So we headed back to the hotel, I started digitising footage, and then we headed into town again for dinner.

Sons   Daughters

After that we headed to a bar calledAntone’sto see theDomino Recordsshowcase. They are home to Franz Ferdinand amongst others. So we managed to catchSons and Daughters(a Scottish band, above) andThe Kills.Feargal and I had massive black Xs put on our hands as we had forgotten our ID and were therefore not allowed to drink. After ten minutes of solid licking and rubbing though, I was able to get the X off my hands. Hoorah!

We were all pretty knackered by this point in the evening, so headed back to the hotel.

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