South by Southwest – Day 3!

Feargal and Me

Day 3 at South by Southwest baby! I can honestly say the weather has been brilliant this week – it’s been around 95 every day, which is very nice.

Thursday then was to have the same pattern as the next couple of days for me really. Rigsy, our presenter, Feargal and Jim, our cameraman went out filming every day while I was stuck in the hotel room editing away. So I basically felt like I was missing out on everything, but unfortunately because the show we’re filming will go out really soon after we get back, I have no choice but to start cutting interviews and performances as we go. So they got to go off and film with Radio One at a British Music Embassy Barbecue and hang around town while I was stuck in my room. Boo!

McGriddle time

I did get some time in the morning though to walk 20 minutes down a highway to get to the nearest McDonald’s and get a sausage McGriddle. Woohoo! Why don’t they do them at home? Actually it’s probably a good thing cos it’s like half your fat intake for the day or something anyway.

So after that, I spent the whole day editing away in my room 🙁 Night-time made up for it though – I went in and met the other guys for some dinner, and then we went to another music showcase, and caught a band that are absolutely brilliant. They’re from Iceland and are calledFM Belfast.You can download their single on their Myspace pagehere,but they’re unsigned at the moment which is both criminal and annoying, as it means you can’t get any of their other tracks.

Rigsy had heard of the band a while back, and become a fan, but I have to say it was not only their music, but their performance that won me over. They were just totally fantastic, and full of energy, and very funny. Their lead singer, Lais totally hot as well and I think I fell in love with her a bit that night. We interviewed the guys after the show, and they were just as funny then as they were on stage. Very nice people.

So that was our Thursday at SxSW. You can see our presenter Rigsy’s video diary on the programme’sBebo page.

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