Spotify – the end of buying music?


Spotify is a new piece of software (well relatively new anyway) which you can download to your PC or Mac and then listen to as much music as you want – for free. It’s advertising supported, so unless you sign up for the premium account, you’ll be hearing an ad every four or five tracks (and this’ll probably grow in the future). However, it’s brilliant being able to listen to practically any track or album you want (and legally as well).

Now if only it combined with’s recommendation engine, that would be amazing, but in the meantime, it can scrobble your tracks to your account. I would have probably prefered it if it had been a service to begin with though, to avoid having to give my e-mail address to another company.

Saying that though, Spotify’s a great way to preview music before you buy it, and could mean you potentially save a fortune on music too. With this, there’s potentially no reason you’d ever have to buy music again, as long as you don’t mind putting up with the ads. You can give it a go here – invites were required previously but if you’re in the UK you no longer need one to sign up. An iPhone version would obviously be awesome!

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