Thank goodness for that

MacDonald Brothers

I’m Scottish, and proud of it as well, but the humiliation of watching the X-Factor over the last couple of weeks has made my stomach churn. I’m talking of course of the MacDonald Brothers who were booted out on Saturday. Grrreat! And thank goodness for that. An embarassment to Scotland.

Scotland has given the world some good bands (and some not so good) but the MacDonald Brothers were excruciating. Devoid of personality, they were about two decades out of date. If you voted on them, shame on you! I’d rather have two dead rats stuffed up my nostrils for a week than have to listen to them again. Although they seemed like quite pleasant young chaps – it was just their music. Boring!

It’s Leona that gets my vote. Her performance of “Could it be Magic” was totally amazing on Saturday night – it was the kind of singing that sends a shiver down your arms. If you missed it, you can watch it here. If she doesn’t win, it’s a crime I reckon! Erm… and she’s quite hot.

I thought Ray wasn’t that bad either with his version of “My Way”. I think Ben is a boring Curtis Steigers / Michael Bolton sound-a-like. There – that’s my opinion!

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