Things I like about Holland

Ok so this is waaaay after my trip to Rotterdam, but I wanted to make a list of things I liked about Holland. So here they are.

1. It is pretty. 

It seems that everywhere looks a lot nicer than the UK. Maybe it’s just because it was new to me, but it’s very picturesque.

2. Everyone rides bikes so seems healthy (although I didn’t actually get a picture of anyone on a bike).

3. Breakfasts. 

They are really healthy, although a bit strange in that I couldn’t work out what was meant to go with what. In a restaurant, you seemed to get bread, butter, jam, boiled eggs, ham, cheese, smoked salmon and chocolate sprinkles and ketchup. I still am not sure what you’re meant to do with the last two items.

4. Everyone seems to be very friendly and polite.

Dutch people just seem like they are a very nice bunch of people. Although I’m sure like everywhere else, there are probably a few not so nice people there too.

5. Chocomel.

This is probably the best thing. Chocomel is chocolate milk, but it is way better than any chocolate milk you can buy in the UK. It is delicious, and tastes really chocolatey. It’s not a thick shake or weirdly flavoured, it is just thin, easy to drink and nice tasting chocolate milk. I tried to get some to bring home, but was confounded by the liquid regulations on airplanes, so just had to buy some mix instead. Their branding is pretty funky too.

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