This could be my next mobile ‘phone

Nokia N93

I don’t like Nokia mobile ‘phones. I find the navigation on their menus completely un-user-friendly and difficult to work out – the opposite of Sony Ericsson ‘phones (I currently have the k750i).

My mobile’s due for an upgrade soon though, and unfortunately Sony Ericsson’s upcoming offerings look decidedly boring – unless you’re interested in a Walkman ‘phone (which I’m not). And their clamshell ‘phones are lacking in decent specifications.

The Nokia N93 however, may make me switch back to a Nokia ‘phone. The main reason is the stunning quality of video that it’s capable of. Check out an example here, and you’ll see the ‘dvd quality’ claims that Nokia are claiming don’t seem that far off the mark.

Of course, you’ll need to buy some extra memory, but it could be that this ‘phone actually becomes a rival to some low-end camcorders. I’ll let you know if I get one!

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