We’ve finished filming!

Hoorah! The week before last, we wrapped filming on “Laurence & Jackie’s Northern Exposure”. All six episodes are now in the can, and the first two are edited and ready to go. I’m going to be spending up to the end of August editing programmes 4 and 6, while another producer does 3 and 5.

I’m glad and sad that filming has finished. It was very hard work (there were double the amount of people out filming that you can see in the picture above) and long days. So I feel like I’ll get my life back a bit. On the other hand though, it was good fun. Most of the time.

We’ve found a lot of things I didn’t know you could see and do in Northern Ireland, so it’s opened my eyes a bit – hopefully people that watch the show will tune in and be encouraged to go out and some of the things featured themselves.

Laurence & Jackie’s Northern Exposure starts on Friday July 25th on BBC One Northern Ireland at 9pm. It’s repeated on Sundays at 6pm. If you live outside Northern Ireland but want to catch the show, you should be able to do so on the iPlayer, channel 973 on Sky Digital, or channel 863 on Virgin Media.

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