What have they done to the laughing cow?

Laughing Cow
I’ve been buying Laughing Cow cheese recently – it reminds me of holidays in France (where it’s La vache qui rit) when I was wee. However, I saw an advert on tv last night which made me MAD! They’ve only gone and put Laughing Cow cheese in a bottle! You know, one of those squeezy ones. That is just plan wrong – cheese is not meant to be in a bottle, especially this cheese!

Intriguingly, my sister in Dallas also bought Laughing Cow recently, but only after she couldn’t find it in her local Whole Foods store. Apparently they don’t stock it because of all the preservatives in it. I had presumed it to be quite natural, but when I checked the packaging of the one I bought last month (June), I noted its ‘Best Before’ date was November! Surely that’s not natural! Oh well….

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