What I’ve been up to this week


I’m having a long week at work this week! Basically I’m filming a mock documentary about the entire history of the Bungalow, and have been out and about with some of the characters from the last five series. It’s been good fun, but a bit knackering – today for example, we had six different characters to film in six different locations.

I’m going to be working two weeks without a day off – I’m in this weekend to log (basically working out what is where on which tape) before I go into the edit suite on Monday to start putting the programme together. With only four weeks of the series left though, I’m glad for every day I’m working on it, so I’m not complaining!

And I’ve been managing to go to the gym as well – I’ve been five times in the last week, and am really getting into it now. Enjoying my swimming again, and began to see and feel a difference. Bit more to go yet though!

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