Worst week filming ever!

Prize Idiot shoot
Well, I had my worst week filming ever last week! Started off on Wednesday when one of the presenters accidentally swallowed a live cricket. Then in the afternoon another presenter had to go to casualty after getting oven cleaner in their eye. Not a good start!

After that it was a train up to Leeds to stay overnight. First thing in the morning, Prize Idiot joined the crew of a Jet2.com plane! They were brilliant – very funny people and totally accomodating with our crew – they even gave us use of a plane for the morning ! Although we weren’t allowed to go up in the air (our rules, not theirs!) 🙁

Then in the afternoon PI got a job in a Santa’s grotto. We were all a bit knackered by this point, and weren’t helped by the fact that the grotto was really really busy, and only had two staff. Again though, they were lovely, and really helpful. Not sure how the film will end up though as we were very tight for time.

After that, it was back to London for a good night’s sleep before heading back to Belfast for Children In Need. Just two stressful, long days really!

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