Yay! Holiday. Yay!

Yes! I’m off on holiday next week and I cannot wait! Next week I’m off to Laguna Beach in California, which is near where The OC external shots are filmed! We’re staying at this hotel from Monday to Saturday, before flying back to Dallas for a day there. There are two places I definitely want to go and see – Hollister, where I’ve already picked out flip flops! And In-n-out Burger. I have only been there once before – a couple of years ago, but they make the best burgers. And they actually peel all the tatties and make the chips on the premises. Nice! So I’m looking forward to that and just lazing around by the pool and chilling.

After that I’m back in London on Tuesday for a day to go to a presentation – it’s part of the project a guy from a local college that I’ve been mentoring has been working on. I’ll have to be on my best behaviour as the Director General of the BBC will be there – possibly good for networking! I’ll have to remember and ask him not to make me redundant.

Then it’s off to Belfast for five days. I’m really looking forward to going back there for more than a tipsy weekend. I’m gonna pop into work and catch up with some people hopefully, although I’m sure drink will be taken at some point! Only thing is I’m missing my friend Jill who is over in London that weekend – rubbish!

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