Yeh ok, i’ve been busy!

Haven’t posted for ages because I’ve been pretty busy the last two weeks since I started back on Dick & Dom. I’m basically out on the road now for the next two weeks, with two weekend trips to Belfast and a trip to the International Television Festival in Edinburgh thrown in as well.

I haven’t been up to much over the last two weeks really – just working and also we had Jill’s fiance’s parents staying with us in London. They were really nice. I did have a trip to a Comedy Club in London the week before last which was quite good – apart from me bumping into a girl and spilling her wine – I go and buy her a new glass plus one to apologise (had to spend over £10 as no cash left) only for someone to bump into ME, making me drop the glass. Did they buy me another one? No – they just turned round, smirked, and walked off which put me in a bad mood for the rest of the night!

So I’m off around the UK for the next two weeks then – starting in the south and moving north. I’ll be taking my Mac with me, so might post at some point!

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