Yotel – a video review!

I am off to Dallas town for Christmas and New Year (although I’ll actually be spending Christmas in San Antonio). Anyway, I’m at Gatwick Airport tonight and am staying in the new Yotel – a Japanese style hotel (although not quite a capsule hotel) right in the airport terminal.

Because I am crazeee I have done a video tour of my room which you can watch above! If you look closely you can see: a spot on my forehead, some shaky camerawork in the middle and my bald spot right at the end 🙁 The hotel room was 85 for the night, and has good and bad points really….

The good

  • It is RIGHT in the airport terminal (the South terminal though and my Dallas flight leaves from the North, but that’s ok)
  • It is not as small as you would think
  • It is comfortable and has free wi-fi!

The bad

  • My shower was cold which is not great

I had a quick look at the 55 cabins as well and they look perfectly reasonable – just a single bed instead of a double. So I would say, if you are having to overnight at Gatwick Airport, check it out! Toodle-oo!

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