13 – Tzameti


I watched “13 – Tzameti” at the weekend. It’s a French thriller (kind of) which is shot completely in black and white. In it a young guy decides to impersonate his boss, who’s recently died of an overdose. Little does the guy know what he’s getting himself in to however.

What he does get involved with is truly, truly shocking. It’s something you could never imagine, and is really unpleasant in a violent kind of way. Horrible!

I thought it was quite a good film in places, but it did seem to run out of steam about three quarters of the way through, and the ending was just dull. Still, if you see it in the DVD rental store and like French films, check it out, but be warned it contains extreme violence. I’d probably give it about three stars out of five. Interestingly it seems to be being remade in English.

You can watch the trailer for it here. Update: Actually I decided not to post the trailer because it gives away what it is the guy gets involved with!

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