36 hours in Paris

Well, filmed an interview last Monday in Paris with Kelly and Richard from the Stereophonics. Bit of a knackering day really – left Belfast at 2am in the morning – then it all went a bit wrong. The presenter forgot his passport cos he didn’t think you needed one to go to Paris, the hotel (which was really, really nice – recommended for a trip!) thought we were stayin the night before and we got stopped for a filming permit which I had but had left at the hotel ! Anyway was alright – just knackering really.

At night we went to a really nice restaurant for dinner – totally french and full of locals and then we went to a bar which was really nice and full of gorgeous ladies, but I didn’t speak to them. After that, just headed back to the hotel and that was it !

So this week is Music Live in Northern Ireland – I’m helping out at the Beautiful Night concert on Wednesday and Saturday, so’ll let you know how that goes !

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