Sad guy with Tron costume / Music Live

Found this on the net this morning (don’t ask – I am very busy honest). It’s a dude who made his own Tron costume – funny in a way obviously but I can’t help feeling sorry for him too ! He did a good job though !

Was working on Music Live last night – directing two shots which were recorded at the Harland and Wolff cranes for the opening of the concert on Saturday night on BBC One. It was absolutely bloody freezing, but at least I wasn’t the poor singer who had to stand right at the top of the crane with it blowing a gale for about an hour !

Then it was off to the Music Live conert with Westlife (who I missed) and Ash who were brilliant. After that a load of us went off to Apartment for a couple of drinks and to a Chinese afterwards with Gohir and Christine – though I didn’t have anything to eat and only drank a glass of water – I’m gymming and swimming again as I am determined to get myself a woman. And soon !

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