I’m knackered !

Well I haven’t posted for a while cos I’ve been totally knackered all week. I’ve been in for 9am every morning ! That CANNOT be good for you ! And my bed just seems so cosy in the morning I can’t be bothered getting up and facing the Belfast weather.

So, long hours this week working to get the first episode of ATL TV on the air – but we made it, got good viewing figures and everything, so we’re all chuffed ! I’m actually in next week’s show – next Tuesday, 10pm, BBC TWO (channel 962 on Sky Digital), but blink and you miss me !

Saturday was the Music Live extravaganza here in Belfast – I was out in The Fly on saturday night enjoying (ahem) a couple of drinks, and dancing with some girl to “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” (obviously towards the end of the evening). Then my mate Gohir went and kidnapped me (and I was resisting) from Subway and dragged me to the Holiday Inn where the ML production team were “relaxing”. Then it was off to the Europa with Christine. I spent £110 that night. Was completely plastered and didn’t get home until 6.30am. I bought a well known television presenter two drinks (like he can’t afford his own !)

I was working on Saturday all day and ended up sleeping all day Sunday – my only day off !

Right – better get back to work here, and getting ready to go to Glasgow tonight to have a curazee weekend hopefully !

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