p1010137Well, what a brilliant weekend I had ! Travelled to Glasgow on Easyjet. We had an aborted landing, where the pilot climbed again (apparently he was going to miss the runway !) but then we landed, and went to the hotel which was actually really nice.

Met up with Majella, Jill and Gohir, then went to The Social – a nice bar, but a) there were no good looking girls there and b) no-one could dance ! Honestly – their sense of rythm was atrocious. Early night and then off to bed.

Saturday was spent shopping, although I couldn’t see anything I liked. Saturday night we went to a club called Bamboo which was really good – got stuck into the Aftershocks though and was a bit too drunk to be approaching any females. There were plenty of nice ones there though ! Unfortunately one of us got a bit worse for wear and I had to escort them home. No names will be mentioned but a) they were sick in the street b) they could hardly walk and c) they threw up again when I got them to the hotel room ! Have a look at the photos here and see if you can guess who it was ! Two clues: it wasn’t me, and another member of the group doesn’t drink. That should narrow it down !

Sunday morning Gohir and I got up, went to Starbucks (wahey ! Can’t wait til they open in Belfast) ! Then went shopping again – this time got myself a pair of FCUK jeans, two t-shirts by Peaceful Hooligan and 8-bit, and a pair of navy Puma trainers. Not like the ones in the picture there – they are navy with a white stripe. I also bought the Katie Melua album – not the kind of thing I would usually buy, but I like The Closest Thing to Crazy and I thought it would be nice to stick on the old stereo as I do housework on a Sunday afternoon !

That night, just went to Pizza Express then went back to the hotel for a couple of drinks. Got to bed at about 3am and then was up at 5 to get the flight back to Belfast and go to work ! Knackering, but I had a really nice weekend. It was nice to get to Scotland and hear some other Scottish accents, nice to have a weekend off (hurrah !) and nice to be spending it with people who are as totally crazy bonkers as I am !

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