A big street shoot

The Jib

I had quite a big shoot on Tuesday, where we took a camera crane (above) out and set it up outside the Grand Opera House, which I’m making some films about for a gala opening in October. Basically it’s a 20 foot arm with a camera on the end which can give you great sweeping shots and high angle shots that you can’t get with any other kind of equipment.

We only had five shots to do, but it did end up taking most of the day, as we had actors in period costumes who took a while to get changed in between shots. Also we were trying to avoid certain parts of the building during filming which had been added recently (striving for historical accuracy!).

Everything went fine, so I’m in to the edit with the films this week. I’m looking forward to getting them done, as I’m off to sunny California at the end of next week – can’t wait for that!

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