A weekend in church in Portrush

Portrush East Sands

Well I’ve a bit of catching up to since I haven’t posted for a while. The weekend before last, I had a trip up to Portrush (that’s the beach there above) as I was asked to produce a Morning Service outside broadcast for Radio Ulster. Portrush is about 90 minutes away, and because you have to do a rehearsal in the church the night before, I got to stay overnight in Coleraine.

Portrush is kind of like a mini Northern Irish version of Blackpool – it’s the nearest there is here to a tacky seaside resort, but it’s also a bit of a place for surfing. Anyway, it was nice to get out of Belfast for the weekend, and nice to have a car as well, and the outside broadcast went fine (and I got a bit of overtime for it!)

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