A couple of days of partying

Niall  Leah and G again

I’ve been out the last couple of nights, and am only just recovering! Thursday night I was out at Rigsy’s night at the Stiff KittenSketchy. I really like the Stiff Kitten, but I didn’t make it down there until about 11pm, so failed to catch up with the level of drunkeness that everyone else was exhibiting!

Friday night was our last chance to catch up with Leah (in the middle above there) before she heads off on an attachment to work on radio outside broadcasts in London. G and I headed out to The Parlour first of all to catch up, as I hadn’t seen him in what seemed like ages. Then, it was off to the BBC Club for my first visit this year! Before I know it I was a bit tipsy. Photos are here. There is a bit more of a story there but to be honest I’m not in the mood for telling it.

Anyway I managed not to make it home that night, so after a hungover lunch at McDonald’s – where Monopoly is back yay! – we headed off to the airport with Leah to wave her off on her trip. With a suitcase the size of a small house. I’m sure I didn’t look a pretty site stumbling around the airport in my clothes from the night before. Never mind!

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