The ultimate ham and cheese toasted sandwich?

Cheese and ham

I LOVE ham and cheese toasted sandwiches. To me it is a match made in heaven. Ham, cheese and bread. Delicious. If ever I spot a ham and cheese toasted sandwich someplace I haven’t seen one before, I will usually give it a go in my search for the ultimate one.

Currently, Starbucks does the trick with their Croque Monsieur panini – it’s the cunning addition of bechamel sauce and mustard that does it (not nearly as disgusting as it sounds). Prior to that Clements held the title in my mind, but unfortunately they stopped doing them. Boo. However! In Marks and Spencer the other week, my mate Jill and I caught the variation above on sale at their in-store cafe, Café Revive, while we were walking past.

Duly noted, we decided to return and sample it at some point. That day was today.

Note the tempting bubbled cheese on top. The cripsy crusts. Surely, this would beat Starbucks?

In a word, no – it was extremely disappointing. Because the bread was still just bread – it was not toasted. And you could hardly taste the ham. So while it may look the part, my quest continues! Insert dramatic music here!

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