A highland wedding

The new couple

After dragging myself out of bed feeling like I was going to vomit everywhere after a night out on the town, the day of my mate John’s wedding had finally arrived! That’s him with his attractive and lovely new wife Susan in the picture above.

Urquhart Castle

The wedding itself was held at Urquhart Castle (above) which is a lovely ruined castle on the banks of Loch Ness. The weather was great thankfully, although the guys that wore kilts were in great demand for pictures from tourists! The ceremony itself was really nice and relaxed, and it really was a great Scottish setting. After the service, it was back to more drinking!

The bar

The reception was at the smart and hip Rocpool Reserve, which is a small boutique kind of hotel – definitely worth staying in if you’re ever in Inverness! After a fantastic meal, we retired to the bar, where we commenced to go a bit bananas with alcohol. Thankfully I gradually got rid of my hangover, and was able to last the night.

The bar closed quite early (well it probably wasn’t that early, but it seemed like it), so things transferred to a bedroom which we were unfortunately kicked out of two minutes after arriving, due to someone (not me!) bouncing up and down on the bed and four apparent complaints about the noise.

Andy and I are studs

So, a select few headed off to another room where the party continued for a while, before we all reluctantly called it a night. It really was a great day – I’m not back in Scotland that often, so the wedding was a great opportunity for me to catch up with mates.

Photos of the whole weekend are here.

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