The worst drink I have ever had in my entire life

The men

Well I was in Scotland at the weekend for my mate’s wedding – Inverness to be precise! The wedding was on Saturday, so on Friday the lads headed out for a night of drinking to celebrate John’s last night of freedom.

I’d not been to Inverness since I was really tiny, so I couldn’t remember much about it, and I’d never had a night out before. Unfortunately every bar we went into seemed to be filled with men rather than women, but we had a good time anyway! We started off at Bar 27, then headed to Bar Pivo, Osbournes and ended up in this Irish theme pub called Johnny Foxes which is meant to be great for finding a lady. Unfortunately all the attractive ones must have forgotten to come that night because the ladies were not looking great.

Anyway, I didn’t want to be hungover for the wedding, so stuck to bottles of Miller all night. Then David decided to go and buy some shots. Consisting of black kahlua, baileys and tabasco. First of all it tasted horrendous. Then I got the hiccups. And it was also to blame for the mother of all hangovers the next day. I couldn’t make it out of bed until 1pm! Take my advice – never ever have that drink. Still, it was a good send off for Mr Scott!

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