A Japanese inspired evening

After a bit of a crazy Thursday morning, hanging out at Buckingham Palace, I had a bit of a crazy Thursday night. I went out with my mate Christine and a couple of other people to a Japanese restaurant in Soho called Inamo. I really love Japanese food, so was looking forward to it anyway, but Inamo is a restaurant with adifference.

Basically, there are no physical menus. You order by expanding symbols on the table using your fingers, and after a picture preview of your meal comes up on your tablecloth, you hit the order button, and the food arrives pretty promptly. That’s also how you order your drinks and you can even use your table to order a taxi home! It’s pretty neat. The food was nice too.

After Inamo, we went on to Lucky Voice, which is someplace I’ve always fancied visiting after reading about it a couple of years ago. Basically, again it’s in Soho (but with branches elsewhere), and has a load of private karaoke booths. So we all slotted into one and sang the night away. I did feel a bit sorry for the poor waitress though having to deal with everyone in the booths who are probably as hammered as I was.

Anyway, a Japanese inspired evening if ever there was one, and it was really cool, I had a good time. Although I was not feeling very good the next day. In fact at one point I thought I was actually dying.

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