A month off…

Well, that’s me off work for a month now. I’m actually off sick, as my doctor has told me to take a month off to see if it gets rid of my tonsilitis. I’m off to Dallas tomorrow for a fortnight to lie around and be fed grapes.

In the meantime, I had a hospital appointment last week about going in to get my tonsils out. If the month off doesn’t work, I’ll be getting them out at the end of October. Apparently it’s not pleasant, and I will be bed-ridden for a couple of weeks. But to be honest, if that means I can start feeling like I have some energy again, it will be worth it. I feel like this year has passed me by as I’ve felt so knackered all the time.

The only really annoying thing was that I was recently offered the chance to go and work in Children’s in London again, producing an upcoming series. I leapt at the chance, but unfortunately the timings just didn’t work out with me having to take time off. Which is a real bummer. Hopefully I’ll get back there at some point soon though……

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