My friends have more interesting lives than me #2

The guy second from the right in the pic above is another of my mates, who goes by the name Dave Bull. He’s a bit of a cheeky chappy. Anyway, as if to prove that all my mates really do have more interesting lives than me, he has won a place on the Bushmills Trek 2008.

It’s basically a trip around parts of the world over the course of three months. In that time, Dave, and the other people on the trek, will get to do some amazing things like trek to the base of Mount Everest, working at an orphanage in West Kenya, and trekking around the Blue Mountains in Australia.

It really sounds like the trip of a lifetime, so obviously I’m jealous. You can follow the progress of the trekkers here. Good luck Dave and send us a postcard you cheeky sh***!

Oh – and on a by the by type of note, the pic above was taken in a club called Scratch in Belfast last weekend. It used to be my favourite bar (The Fly) but has been done up. And it was a great night there – perhaps could become one of my favourite places again! It’s a really friendly crowd, and I met a lady there who asked for my number (obviously she never called though. Grrrr!)

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