A trip to Jill’s new abode!

Jill and G

What a lovely couple! Not that they are or anything.

On Sunday night just past there, G, Christine and I headed round to Morganised’s house (that’s our new nickname for Jill, well I say so anyway) for a spot of dinner, and some (not a lot) of alochol. Jill has just moved into her house with her man, Paul, and her house is approximately the size of one third of Buckingham Palace. It is enormous. It has lots of bathrooms in it which prompted to me to point out that if I got really pissed there one night it would be horrendous, because whenever I came out the bathroom I would not know where I was.

Jill treated us to some of her Beef Bourgenoine (best estimate at spelling there) which was delicious followed by Banoffee Pie which was not. Only joking! I baked a couronne loaf to take round. It’s a round loaf with a hole in the middle. The hole is apparently there so that in the olden days French housewives could carry the loaf by putting their arm through it! Oh.. I’m boring myself sorry.

Anyways, after dinner, we started to play Scene It (no Singstar as my sister has all the discs) which was alright, apart from the fact that Christine won, G didn’t even make it a quarter of the way round the board, and Jill won.

Thanks for having us round Jill! Oh I haven’t mentioned Jill’s dog Lola, so there we go, she gets a mention too.

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