My quest for ham and cheese toasted sandwich delights continue….

Deane  s deli

As part of my semi-regular reviews of ham and cheese toasted sandwiches, may I present this. It is from Deane’s Deli in Belfast. I have been there before, but the last time I ordered this it strangely came without being toasted, so I could not review it.

This time however, it did come toasted! It is on French bread, which I take it to mean something to do with eggs. Thus it is not very healthy, but it is delicious. The ham and cheese both seemed of good quality, and addition, the surprise appearance of fries was not unwelcome.

My only negative view on this sandwich experience was that the bread was perhaps too thick. Starbucks still rules in my experience for their Croque Monsieur paninis, but this is probably a close second. Hooray!

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