Trashy TV is good every now and then

Jerry censored

I watched some Jerry Springer at the weekend. I have not watched it in AAAGGGEEESSSS and there was nothing else on, so I thought why not. There has been an interesting development in the show in that they now appear to have a not unattractive woman with a pole on the set at all times, and at random points she does a bit of pole dancing.

One of the episodes I watched was Fateful Love Triangles. In the show, the man pictured above, was seeing an 18 year old girl behind her boyfriend’s back. She was hot too! The other guy was aged about 45 so obviously she has a thing for older men. Anyway, there was a fight as usual. I may have to tune in to Jerry Springer more often as I had forgotten how strangely satisfying it can be. It’s kind of like putting six Pringles in your mouth at once.

If you really really really want to see the picture above in all it’s uncensored glory, click on…..

Jerry uncensored

Oh dear. Now imagine watching that fighting. It wasn’t pretty.

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