A week for people leaving jobs

Well last week (and I know I’m a bit behind posting – I have been busy !) was strange in that it really was a week for people leaving jobs. First off, my friend David announced that he was leaving work to go and start thinking about setting up his own business doing something. I’m gonna miss him, cos he didn’t have any family up here either, so I saw quite a lot of him, and we had a similar outlook on things at work (although where I am Mr Showbiz, he is a lot more intelligent !) I think he’s going to take up the offer of three months extended leave but I think he’s made up his mind really – and I think that is a brave decision all things considered. I will definitely miss our nights out in The Fly and The Globe (where we went and got hammered last Tuesday one last time !)

So then I came back from having a chat with David about that to getting this press release waiting in my inbox. It was a bit weird finding out that my Dad had resigned from his job like that ! So a quick phone call was put in, and Dad explained it’s all ‘cos of some stock market rules or something that he had to wait before telling me. He’s decided to look for something else.

And then of course this week, there was this news about the BBC. There will be about 100 jobs going in Northern Ireland apparently – and we will know more by the end of March. In the meantime, it’s work as usual !

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