Shortest gig ever

Well last Saturday was a bit of a different night out. During the day, I was filming an interview with Brian McFadden at AM:PM, a new bar / restaurant (which is where we’re also having our Christmas night out on Thursday !) The interview itself was really good I thought – Bryan really seemed to be very honest about the split with his wife, and the split with Westlife. He just seemed to be on good form really, so it was interesting.

That night, Jill, one of her friends, and I, went along to a gig Brian was doing in The Empire in Belfast. Not what I would usually get up to on a Saturday night, but I thought it would be a different night out, so off we went. The Empire is quite a good venue – it would only hold about 200 people so it’s quite intimate. Anyway, Brian came out, did a couple of songs, and…. that was it. I only had time to drink two beers and it was all over !

Now, I’m not sayin it was bad, because the songs were ok, and he seemed to be enjoying himself. But – if I’d paid £12.50 for the pleasure, I think I might have felt a bit annoyed after a gig that only lasted about 45 minutes !

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