A weekend in London

Minis Well was across in London this weekend (what a jet-setter!) to see the family. On Saturday morning, Ailse and I went to see the Lord Mayor’s Show ‘cos Dad was working at it. That was pretty interesting – I’d never seen it before, and there was loads going on – like the Minis in the photo on the left there.

After that, it was off to the shops, where I spent £160 (i.e. a bit too much !) on clothes – a French Connection jacket, pair of jeans and a pair of Evisu jeans from Selfridges. Now all I need is a new pair of trainers and I’ve got a full wardrobe ! Friday night we ate at a really nice restaurant called Boisdales which is Scottish – so I had haggis to begin with and then fishcakes and some delicious chips.

On Sunday, I went off to see my mate Kevin and his wife and son George. I’d never The_alavoines met George before so it was cool to meet him, even though he’s two now ! He is very lively and cute. It was nice to see Kev and Jo again as well, and see their house in Colchester. The journey there was a bit of an nightmare tho cos of engineering works, which meant instead of a 50 minute train ride I had a 90 minute bus journey then a 40 minute train ride !

Monday I was up at 4am (not very pleasant !), to get the plane back to Belfast, and then I was in at work ! Good weekend though – felt like I caught up with a lot of people.

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