Allergy update!

My allergy test

So a while ago I had a trip to casualty after I had what was diagnosed as an anaphylactic shock. It wasn’t pleasant, I’ll tell you that. After what seemed like waiting for an eternity to see a specialist, I got an appointment last weekend at the allergy clinic in Belfast. Basically it involved me telling the doctor what had happened, and then getting a whole load of tests done on my arm (as above). They had lots of little bottles filled with different things like wheat, salmon, tuna, whiting, oyster etc. (it was fish I had eaten that day when I had the shock), and they drop bits on your arms. Then they prick the skin and leave you for 20 minutes.

Thankfully I got the all clear, I didn’t react to anything that they tested me for, so I was hoping I’d be able to start eating fish again, but not the case! I have to wait for some blood tests to come back now and then go in for the results. If they are all clear I will have to sit and eat tuna in front of the doctor, and if I don’t react I am back on the fish big time! Yay! Eating nothing but chicken, beef and pork has seemed very boring.

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