My birthday

Me with my dog

Well it was my birthday last week. I feel like I’m 21 again, but unfortunately I’m not. The day before my birthday (Mondays are a rubbish day to have your birthday btw), my mate Jill surprised me by getting Christine, John and G up to Ruby Tuesday’s on the Lisburn Road for a Sunday morning brunch.

Jill very kindly got me a voucher for a certain place I frequent (I’m not telling you what it is, but it’s not anything dirty) and G, remembering that I have always wanted a dog, got me – well a dog! Thanks very much G! Wowser as I have called it, is now house trained, and happily standing in the corner of my living room. That’s him in the picture above (on the right).

I have been out boozing a lot this week – not intentionally, but there you go. I actually ended up going out Tuesday, Friday and Saturday night and had people round to play Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii which I got as a present from my sisters. It is truly brilliant, and if you haven’t played it yet, go and do it now! I have already played one song all the way through without making a mistake, but that was on easy settings.

Charlie B

Anyway, I digress. Saturday night was brilliant. We all met up in the Northern Whig, which was pretty quiet and therefore an ideal meeting spot, before heading to White’s Tavern. I have got to say I think it is the best pub in the world. I also met another girl called Rachael which is weird as that’s the second girl I’ve met called that in a month. She was stunning!

So I’m another year older, which kind of sucks, but I think it’s how young you feel that counts, erm right?!! Also, here’s a tip – if you have a big fat hairy belly, do not get it out on the dancefloor like the guy in the picture below. What on earth was he thinking. Mind you, he probably pulled which is the ironic thing. If you have the nerve, click on the pic to see the full thing.

Big belly 2

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