Another pop institution bites the dust

Top of the Pops

Well after Smash Hits magazine departed us, it’s another pop legend going soon, after it was announced today that Top of the Pops is departing from our screens on the 30th of July, after 42 years.

Music television has definitely moved on, what with MTV, The Box, and Smash Hits TV (which continues) and the like, so the BBC says there’s no room really now for a mainstream weekly pop show.

I think the show failed to move with the times really, and needed to be more interactive, but I can kind of understand the reasoning behind the decision not to re-commission the show, rather than just trying another re-vamp. The Creative Future review which has recently taken place at the BBC means for the first time there will be a pan-BBC music strategy – we recently had a presentation on that from Jenny Abramsky, the Director of BBC Radio and Music. I think music is only going to grow in importance on the BBC as a result.

You’ll be missed though, TOTP! And I never went along to a recording either!

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