What’s up at work

Well, I thought I’d just do a quick post to say what I’m up to at work at the moment. I got promoted two weeks ago, which is obviously good news! So now I’m a full-time proper Producer. Still no word on the salary yet though ! GRRRR…..

I’m preparing to produce another live outside broadcast at the moment – covering The Twelfth for BBC One Northern Ireland. It’s a big parade that happens every year with Orangemen. To be honest, I don’t really understand it. I’m not from Northern Ireland, and the whole thing is a bit alien to me, but I’m getting to grips with it, and again, it’s good live experience for me!

Next up, I’m going to be making some films for a BBC programme later this year on the re-opening of the Grand Opera House in Belfast. That should be ok – although I think it’s going to mean doing a lot of trawling through archive stuff and working out how to use it creatively. But it should be an ok gig over the summer.

Then, in September, I start work on producing the local version of Children In Need. This is a big gig for me really – I’ll have a big team, and the end result will see us in studio for about seven hours on the night of Children In Need, which takes place in November. I have no ideas what I’m going to put in the show yet, but I reckon that will be a very stressful night!

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