Another Road Trip ’round the UK

Rob, Christine and G
Well I spent the week before Christmas going ‘round the country doing auditions for Dick & Dom. It’s basically where we meet groups of kids that have applied to be on the show, and then see whether or not we think they’d be good on TV.

Rob the researcher and I visited Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland in three days – it was bit knackering to be honest. Especially after we were woken up at 3am in our hotel in Cardiff by someone burping in the corridor! Nice. It was a trip based around flights on teeny propeller planes (the Air Wales ‘plane was like something you’d find in the jungle I reckon), but we had a good laugh. And we met some great groups of kids that made us laugh a lot.

We managed to get a night out in Belfast as well, so Rob got to meet Christine and G – that’s them in the picture above) and then it was off to Scotland….

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