Back in London

View_from_the_flat_tonightBack in London, then, and on Tuesday, started on a new programme called XChange. It’s a bit like the programme First Stop that I used to work on in terms of what I have to do – writing scripts, preparing insert rolls, and stuff like that. It’s a three times a day live programme and basically I’m responsible for Friday morning shows. They’re pre-recorded on the Thursday, so basically it’s a long old Thursday from here on in. Start at 6.30am and finish at 6pm every Thursday from now until mid-July !

Seems like it’ll be OK though – the team seems enormous (there must be about 70 people or so working on it) but they’re friendly, and the presenters I’ve met so far seem really nice as well.

So looking ahead to this week, I have the Dick and Dom wrap party on Thursday night. I was planning to go a bit loopy, but I have an appraisal meeting at 10.30am the next morning, so I doubt I’ll be going as mad as I thought I would. Also, next Thursday is the CBBC party which is meant to be lively to say the least. I’m quite looking forward to that.

I’ve got a wedding coming up in Dundee, in May, but I’m planning to squeeze a trip into Belfast before that – just to check on my flat. Also, whilst I’m on attachment, I can have two flights a month home, so I reckon I might as well make the most of them.

I met my friend Kevin for lunch yesterday – he works for Boots. He’s a keen England fan, and they’re playing in Chicago at the end of May, so we discussed the possibility of flying over there for a long weekend. I’d quite fancy it, but it’s pricey – flights at the moment are about £420. I would use some of my AAdvantage miles, but at the moment, I’ve got enough for a first class return ticket to Japan, so I’m quite reluctant to eat into those. I’ll keep you posted, but I suspect I probably won’t be able to go given my financial situation !

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