Belfast production night out

Everyone merry
Well flew into Belfast on Thursday night to attend the BBC Production Christmas night out, which was in Reno’s, a restaurant just up the road from the BBC. It was a very well organised do, with a great raffle – prizes were going to the Marie Curie Cancer Care fund after a colleague of ours, Andrea Forbes passed away recently, which everyone’s been very upset about. It just doesn’t seem fair really.

The night went well, (i.e. we got drunk) and I won a meal for two at the Clandeboye Hotel, so only need to get a girlfriend and I can hot foot it down there. Jill managed to get on the microphone, although sadly I didn’t. Although I did manage to get Don’t Stop Movin’ played as the last song as the evening (no sentimental rubbish for me!). After taking an alternative mode of transport (can’t say any more about that) round to the Potthouse, we then drank some more and then went home to bed. Not really any more to tell, but there are more photos of the night here.

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