Dreadful appaling Christmas song

I like to watch music television before I’m getting ready to go out – so the other night before I went to the Production Christmas party in Belfast, I had The Box on – where I saw, what is quite possibly, the biggest load of s*ite (please excuse my language there) ever to grace the airwaves of the nation.

It is by a ‘band’ (and I use the word loosely there) called Hotpantz, who have decided to release a record called “I Want to Give you One for Christmas”. How nice and festive that is. What really adds to this lack-lustre-produced-on-a-casio-keyboard-in-a-dustbin ‘track’ though is the video. Shot entirely on DV by the looks of things and slapped on a 3 second repeated rubbishy animation, it really is a pile of poo. The only sad thing is I can’t find it online so you’ll have to try and find it yourself to see how totally dreadful it is. Apalling. Although the girl playing the drums is quite fit, the rest of them look like girls you’d find down any town’s Wetherspoons on a 2-for-1 Wednesday.

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