Chipotle-a-like lands in Belfast

Boojum is a fast-food Mexican place that’s opened on Botanic in Belfast (along with Oodles, a casual noodles place which also seems like the first in a possible chain).

Boojum is an absolute carbon copy of Chipotle in the US – but that’s not to knock it. I’ve been to Chipotle a couple of times when in Dallas, and it’s good. If a little filling. Apart from the interior, there seems to be very little difference between Chipotle and Boojum – at least in terms of the product offering.

Basically you get a tortilla, tacos or a salad which can be filled with different kinds of meat, beans or vegetables and salsas, and then combined with rice and cheese if desired. Sides are in short supply – tortilla chips or tortilla chips.

It’s not too expensive, at about 5 for a salad or burrito, and it’s nice as the occasional treat. Just be warned – last time I was out in Dallas there was a news story on TV about how one serving at Chipotle weighs six times what an average lunch serving should be!

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