Crazy busy week – good weekend ahead!

John_and_iWell I’ve had quite a busy week this week – lots of late nights, but unfortunately mostly due to work ! Tuesday I had to go into town early before work to FedEx something for my Dad. It’s quite cool being able to track the parcel online – you can see where it is at any point in time !

Then I nipped off quickly to buy a case for my new digital camera, which I won as part of an American Express survey. It’s a really nice camera – a lot smaller than my current one, and nice and shiny too. After that it was off to work, where I had a Mind Gym course about how to handle people that work above you (in the hierarchy case) which was quite interesting, although mostly it was stuff I’d all heard before.

On Tuesday night, it was off to wave goodby to my mate John from Scotland – that’s him with me above. I hadn’t seen him in about a year, so I went out to Heathrow to see him, as he’d jetted in before going off to live in Perth, Australia. It was really good to see him again – he’s a very good mate, and very funny, but it was a shame I was just seeing him to say cheerio ! However, I have enough miles now with American Airlines to fly out to Australia first class (woo hoo!) so I feel a bit of a holiday coming on later in the year! Hopefully we’ll be able to spend some time in Japan as well. John did let himself down a bit in typical fashion though by re-inforcing his love for all things Radio 2. You can see it for yourself here – Download john_and_radio_2.3gp
. I felt a bit sorry for John ‘cos it’s a big move, and I always find things like that a tad unsettling. That was until I saw where he was staying anyway! Rent free I might add !

After that, Wednesday I was at work until 9.30 at night, before spending all day in the studio yesterday – our guest was a lady that designs sandwiches for Pret. Didn’t really get any good tips off her though !

So, tonight I’m going to get ready for Christine and Majella coming across this weekend – they’re flying in from Belfast and Glasgow respectively. I’m really looking forward to having mates here this weekend, although it’s a shame G and Jill couldn’t make it too ! We don’t really have anything planned apart from a trip to the London Eye on Sunday – I’ve never done that before, so I’m quite looking forward to it. No doubt details and photos will follow !

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